2000 A.D. (UK) 12-A

Comic Book by Rebellion, May 01 1977
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2000 A.D. (UK) 12-A by Rebellion
2000 A.D. (UK) 12-A by Rebellion


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Publish Date:MAY 01 1977



Item Biography

Invasion – Death Line (single episode).
The London underground train system has been taken over by the Volgan invaders to transport British resistance sympathisers to a “Liquidation Camp”. Bill Savage and Peter Silk hatch a plan to put a stop to the slaughter. Disguised as platform cleaners they attack and take control of the next train bound for the death camp. The civilians aboard are released and the train is filled with explosives to give the Volgans an unwelcome surprise at the end of the line.

Flesh – Flesh Book I: Episode 12.
The starving flesh eaters have surrounded the trans-time base and Earl Reagan tries in vain to warn the controller that it’s only a matter of time before the dinosaurs attack. Led by Old One Eye, the horde makes a concentrated charge and breaches the defences of the base. The men at the base are able to keep the flesh eaters at bay for the time being but, an unseen danger lurks beneath the base in the form of giant spiders who are making their way above ground to see why the supply of dinosaur blood from the meat production has stopped…

Harlem Heroes – Harlem Heroes: Episode 12.
The Harlem Heroes review the match footage against the Montezuma Mashers and recognise their would be assassin as Artie Gruber, a member of the Washington Warlocks whose jetpack exploded while playing the Heroes two years previously. They’re unsure if Gruber wants revenge or has been hired by someone to do away with the Harlem Heroes. They have to put that out of mind however and focus on their next match against the Flying Scotsmen. Unfortunately an altercation before the match between Slim and Red Macardle (the captain of the Scotsmen) means the Heroes are going to be in for an extra tough game.

Dan Dare – Hollow World: Episode 1.
After being discharged from the Space Service, Dan Dare is returned to Earth for the first time since he was brought out of suspended animation. The Britain he knew has changed considerably having been cut free from Europe’s continental shelf and now floats around the globe as a giant park for interstellar visitors. Dare meets Rok, a wolf man visiting from the planet Wolf-4, and agrees to be the navigator on his space-freighter ‘Titan’ so that he can get back out in space and perhaps find who was behind the Biog invasion. Meanwhile, the prison ship Mekon has been exiled to is picked up by a patrol vessel from the planet Verath. Mekon forms and alliance with “The Two of Verath” and begins making plans to take over the Galactic Empire.

M.A.C.H.1 – The Laser Hound (single episode).
John Probe and Sharpe are at a NATO base in West Germany to see the battle tests for the latest American tank, “The Laser Hound”. During the test it’s realised that the tank has been taken over by enemy agents and starts making it’s way to the border with the east. Probe takes up the chase in nothing but his boxer shorts as the tanks weapon systems need to be able to home in on metal before firing its laser. He is able to recapture the tank and return it to the NATO base where it’s agreed that there’s no better weapon than a M.A.C.H. man.

Judge Dredd – Robot Wars: Part 3.
The war with the robots is escalating with thousands of Mega-City One citizens and over a hundred Judges dead. Huge industrial robots, the Heavy Metal Kids, have now joined the battle and are seemingly indestructible. Judge Dredd sees the only chance to beat these hulking monsters is to have them destroy the mile high road under their own feet and fall to make a pile of scrap on the ground below. Even though Dredd is near total exhaustion after seven days of continuous fighting he thinks it’s time for him to meet the robot leader, Call-Me-Kenneth, one on one…


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