Fly Man 36-A

Comic Book by Radio, Mar 01 1966
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Fly Man 36-A by Radio
Fly Man 36-A by Radio


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:MAR 01 1966
Content:CCA Approved


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"Fly Man's Strange Dilemma"
Fly Man finds himself attacked by a belligerent Mighty Man, who is suffering delusions. Turan of the Fly World must come to Fly Man's rescue. In the aftermath, Fly Man finds he cannot change back into his human identity, Tom Troy, due to his exposure to Mighty Man. He returns to Fly World with Turan, who must alter time in order to prevent Fly Man's dilemma. 10 pages.

"Suffer, Shield, Suffer!"
Missles with the Shield's logo painted on them slam New York City. Bill Higgins changes into his outfit, and, as the Shield, investigates. While fighting off the locals, who think the Shield has gone bad, the Shield is abducted by the Hangman. We learn that it is the Hangman who framed the Shield, as part of his mission to crush the members of the Mighty Crusaders. The Shield is saved by an unlikely ally, an imposter wearing the outfit of the Web. This newcomer plans to kill both men to establish his reputation. 10 pages.

"The Origin of the Web"
The imposter who sought to steal the identity of the Web is defeated and dropped in prison. They don't manage to hold him long, as he manages an escape. The original Web, John Raymond, hears of his identity being usurped, and undertake to bring the imposter to justice. 5 pages.


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