Miracleman (1985) 1-A

Comic Book by Eclipse, Aug 01 1985
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Miracleman (1985) 1-A by Eclipse
Miracleman (1985) 1-A by Eclipse


Cover Price:$.75
Publish Date:AUG 01 1985
Caption:Eclipse Comics North America Edition

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Notable differences between the North American and UK editions are contained to the covers. The inside front cover of the North American edition solicits Eclipse back issues, while the UK edition solicits Quality Communications back issues.

Additionally, the indicia on the inside front covers differ as the North American edition reads "Published by Eclipse Comics" and contains a large "Not for Sale Outside North America" notation while the UK edition reads "Published by Quality Communications" and contains a large "Not for Sale Inside North America" notation.

Finally, the back covers are distinctly different. The North American edition back cover is an advertisement for Eclipse Comics' Zot! while the UK edition is a bright yellow advertisement for Quality Comics.

"Book One, Chapter 1: 1956 - Miracleman Family"
reprinted from Marvelman Special (UK) #1

Fascist shock-troops from the future (1981) send an invasion force to conquer society in meek-mannered 1956. The Miracleman family have knockabout fun curtailing their efforts.

"Book One, Chapter 2: 1982 Prologue - ...A Dream of Flying"
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #1

This is your life, Micky Moran... Michael. You're no longer the blue-eyed Bugle boy of the copy room scene. You've grown middle-aged, paunchy, have a desirable younger wife, mundane freelance journalist job and recurring dreams of brightly-colored flying men and atomic explosions.

Galled by the fact that your missus, Liz, earns more money in her job than you do, you trudge off wearily to work, as the world passes you by. Today's assignment is to cover the opening of a nuclear plant, somewhere up north in the Lake District.

This ain't the goddamned "Morning Train". If your life was a song, it would probably be that Vox organ monstrosity that's all over the radio.
♫"Oh, Micky what a pity you don't understand. You're working like a man / but your wife makes 30 grand"♫ *...or something like that.

On the way, you frantically try to remember a word from the same dream you've been having for years now. Off the train, you meet up with your colleague, Paul Duncan, whose occupation is to snap pictures and crack wise. You're not in the mood and also have a killer migraine.

Things get worse, as armed terrorists seek to hijack nuclear material from the facility. You collapse with your head pounding as if Gareth Edwards were kicking it for fun. Just as one of the balaclava-wearing criminals drags you down a hallway, the elusive missing word appears to you through kismet; "Kimota!"

With a fantastic phantasmagorical flash of phosphorescence, a legend is reborn.

"Book One, Chapter 3"
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #2

After nodding off in front of the television, Liz is taken aback by the appearance of a tall, fair, stranger with a sparkly aura. The Metahuman in man's form assures Liz that he's in fact her husband, Michael Moran.

Incredulous to begin with, Liz listens to Miracleman's tales of bold exploits over coffee. However, his fond reminiscences are met with derision and scorn by the woman who's been married to him for sixteen years. Until he loses his temper, that is, displaying an infinitesimal iota of limitless power - "I'm Miracleman and I won't stand for you mocking me, woman!"

Somewhere across London, a similar petulant demonstration of excessive power forebodes Miracleman's longevity.

"Book One, Chapter 4 - When Johnny Comes Marching Home..."
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #3

The morning after Mike Moran came home as Miracleman and was received into the arms of his loving wife, Liz Moran awakes still aglow after the night's intimate conclusion.

A telephone call completely out of the blue dispels the myth of Kid Miracleman's death and invites the Morans for a power lunch at the offices of Sunburst Cybernetics. Well, fancy that! Johnny Bates, alive and all grown-up, carousing with the cognoscenti.

Bates' company headquarters tower domineers the skyline, just as its CEO must dominate all manner of men at boardroom and proximate level. The two men greet each other with a fraternal embrace despite nearly two decades apart, but there's something "wrong" about him, Moran thinks to himself. Mike's suspicions are borne out when Johnny tries to psychically manipulate him. Subterfuge over, Johnny Bates reveals himself in all his malevolent glory. Everyone, everywhere be warned; you're all in grave danger.

"Miracleman Alias Marvelman Mightiest Man in the Universe"

Dez Skinn details the publication history of UK hero, Marvelman from the 1950's.

*Partial lyrics from "Mickey" by Toni Basil 1982, written by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn.


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