Archie and Friends 118-A

Comic Book by Archie, Jun 01 2008
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Archie and Friends 118-A by Archie
Archie and Friends 118-A by Archie


Cover Price:$2.25
Publish Date:JUN 01 2008
Sale Date:APR 16 2008
Content:CCA Approved


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*"Archie World Tour Part 2 of 4": Having barely escaped with their lives in the previous issue’s trip to London, Archie and his friends are looking for a more traditional vacation spot… a place filled with history and romance… and Madrid, Spain is just the place! The key word is romance, as Veronica and Betty are wooed by their teen guide, leaving Archie feeling whoa-ed. Even Ms. Grundy becomes the object of someone’s affection! But mystery and danger make a handsome couple too, as the villain they’ve been evading continues to pursue them from the city to the country. A meeting with a beautiful mystery woman provides Archie with his first clue… and a "first date" with a herd of angry bulls! The mystery continues to deepen and Archie must figure out what is going on before things get really dangerous! Acclaimed writer, children’s art advocate, and organizer of the world’s only "Kids Comics" convention, Alex Simmons, returns to handle the script chores, while fan-favorite Rex Lindsey is back with some of the best art of his career. It all adds up to one world tour you won’t want to miss!



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