Sensation Comics (1942) 6-A

Comic Book by DC, Jun 01 1942
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Sensation Comics (1942) 6-A by DC
Sensation Comics (1942) 6-A by DC


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Publish Date:JUN 01 1942



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Wonder Woman in "Wonder Woman's Lasso"
Written by Charles Moulton, penciled & inked by Harry G. Peter.
Reprinted in 100-Page Super Spectacular #14 & Wonder Woman Archives #1.
Wonder Woman receives her magic lasso.
13 pages.

Black Pirate in "The Son of the Black Pirate"
Written, penciled & inked by Sheldon Moldoff.
8 pages.

Mr. Terrific in "The Mining Company Con Job"
Written by Charles Reizenstein, penciled & inked by Hal Sharp.
8 pages.

O'Malley of the Fourth Precinct in "Keep 'em Flying"
Written, penciled & inked by Irwin Hasen.
4 pages.

Gay Ghost in "The Salvation of Ludwig Luthor"
Written by Gardner Fox, penciled & inked by Howard Purcell.
9 pages.

Hal Mason in "Dodgers of Death, Part 1"
Written by Evelyn Gaines.
2 pages.

Little Boy Blue in "The Letter of Slug Ginnis"
Written by Bill Finger, penciled & inked by Jon L. Blummer.
6 pages.

Wildcat in "The Laughing Ghost Walked"
Written by Bill Finger, penciled & inked by Irwin Hasen.
10 pages.

Cover art by Harry G. Peter.


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