Captain Courageous Comics 6-A

Comic Book by Ace Magazines, Mar 01 1942
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Captain Courageous Comics 6-A by Ace Magazines
Captain Courageous Comics 6-A by Ace Magazines


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:MAR 01 1942


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"Capt. Courageous vs The Black Mayor"
*The Black Mayor held the town in his vile clutches and was bleeding it to death. And then Captain Courageous crossed his path - a path which must lead one to victory and the other to - DEATH! (11 pages)

"The Sword"
(10 pages)

"The Lone Warrior"
*For once the enemies of Lone Warrior have them where they want him - and do they try to rub it in! (11 pages)

"Typhoon Tyson"
*Typhoon once again takes the Sea Lion through the turbulent waters of the Pacific - But not without first crossing courses with a sharp-shooting Davey Jones! (9 pages)

"Kay McKay, Air Hostess"
*In a brave attempt to get a plane "through" Kay is just about to win - when she is confronted by mad dogs - with HUMAN HEADS!
(9 pages)

"Luke and His Magic Flute"
(1 page)

"Range Reptile"
*A text story by Ralph Powers. (2 pages)

"Paul Revere, Jr."
*Paul and Betsy and Pat must pool all their wits and a lot of brawn if they want to save their little British friend from murderous fiends (11 pages) *Source: Contents Page



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