Strange Adventures (1950) 23-A

Comic Book by DC, Aug 01 1952
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Strange Adventures (1950) 23-A by DC
Strange Adventures (1950) 23-A by DC


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:AUG 01 1952

Item Biography

"Meet Your Masters - The Ants"

*History could repeat itself, but first man must stand up for himself!

"The Last Woman on Earth"

*Two researchers go beneath the ocean to conduct experiments. When they return above the water, they find that they are the only man and woman left alive on Earth!

"Science Says You're Wrong if You...."

*Four panels about the Canals of Mars, Interplanetary Space, Roar of the Waves and Meteor Falls.

"The Ghost Planet"

*A lone earthling lands on Mars and is startled by what he finds!

"General Science Quiz"

*See if you can come up with the answers to these four quizzes - Figures in the Sky!, Nothing but the Tooth!, Lights Out! and One Plus One!

"The Brain Pirates of Planet X"

*Captain Comet discovers alien beings who want to steal the Earth's knowledge to prolong their own world. *Source: DocRx8482


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