Devi 4-A

Comic Book by Virgin Comics, Oct 01 2006
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Devi 4-A by Virgin Comics
Devi 4-A by Virgin Comics


Cover Price:$2.99
Publish Date:OCT 01 2006
Sale Date:OCT 11 2006


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*Having learned from Amara Gaelle that his master, Lord Bala, has called upon the Apsara assassin Kratha to kill his girlfriend Tara Mehta (the new Devi incarnate), Iyam swears to regain Bala's trust by killing Tara himself. But before he can put his new plan into action, his Darinde henchmen capture a spy - inspector Rahul Singh, of the Sitapur police force. Iyam leaves the detective to Amara to do with as she pleases.

Meanwhile, the Devi ritual has begun and Tara is in a soma-induced trance. In this dream-like state, Tara meets herself in various avatars - potential, past and future. Her otherselves bless her and wish her luck, while Isana, the first Devi incarnate, arrives to guide Tara along her path to godhood.

But in the mortal world, Tara is in great danger. Kratha is primed to kill Tara as her triumphal procession carries her sleeping body towards its uncertain future. But the assassin is interrupted by a mysterious stranger, who tells her that her future lies down another path, one that makes her a crucial player in determining the destiny of the world. But Kratha lost faith in anything other than her work long ago, and refuses to listen, nearly killing the stranger with a vicious stroke.

Now, as the dreaming Tara flies with Isana towards her future self, her mortal body is in deadly danger, and not just from Kratha - Iyam arrives with murder on his mind. *Source: Devi #4


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