Masters of the Universe Classics Clamp Champ

Action Figure by Mattel, Jan 01 2013
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Masters of the Universe Classics Clamp Champ by Mattel
Masters of the Universe Classics Clamp Champ by Mattel


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JAN 01 2013
Sale Date:JUL 15 2013
Caption:Clamp Champ
Content:Adult Collector


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*Club Eternia® monthly figure, shipped only to subscribers – he will not be sold 7/15 at

You gotta know when to hold ‘em… and know when to clamp ‘em! The former bodyguard to King Randor® steps up as the new Man-At-Arms®, with skills such as superior hearing and sight making him a super strong, super stealthy soldier. This fully articulated figure arrives with his favorite weapon, the powerful Clamps!

Clamp Champ® Bio
Real Name: Raenius

After Duncan™ was captured and permanently turned into one of the Snake Men®, Raenius, former Body Guard to King Randor®, stepped in as the new royal Man-At-Arms®. Although lacking Duncan’s skills as an inventor, Raenius proved his worth to the Masters of the Universe® with his ferocious hand-to-hand combat and extensive knowledge of almost every weapon, including his favorite, the techno clamp, for which he earned the nickname “Clamp Champ®”. He continued to lead the Masters all the way to the Second Ultimate Battleground. Clamp Champ® surprises his enemies with his clamping action. *Source:


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