Wolverine: Weapon X Files 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 2009
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Wolverine: Weapon X Files 1-A by Marvel
Wolverine: Weapon X Files 1-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$4.99
Publish Date:JUN 01 2009
Sale Date:APR 22 2009


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*A brand-new, all-inclusive handbook for Hollywood's favorite mutant, spotlighting a complete biography of Wolverine! He may be in an acre of comics each month, but this is the only place to get the real score! Also featuring some of the Canucklehead's best allies – including Gambit, Maverick, Tyger Tiger and X-Force! And along for the ride are villains – the likes of Blob, Daken, Deadpool, Mastermind, Orphan Maker, Donald Pierce, the Purifiers, Sabretooth and S'ym! And more than four dozen other stars linked to our man Logan from Amiko to Silver Fox! *Source: marvel.com


Yoshitaka AmanoArtist
Brent Eric AndersonArtist
Kaare Kyle AndrewsArtist
Chris BachaloArtist
Joe BarneyArtist
Bret BlevinsArtist
Mark D. "MD" BrightArtist
Reilly BrownArtist
John BuscemaArtist
John L. ByrneArtist
Howard ChaykinArtist
Jim "Jimmy" CheungArtist
Dave CockrumArtist
Eugene "Gene" Colan (aka Adam Austin)Artist
Simon ColebyArtist
Kelly P. CorveseArtist
Clayton Crain (aka Klayton Krain)Artist
Alan DavisArtist
Paco Diaz (aka Paco Diaz Luque)Artist
Steve DillonArtist
Steve DitkoArtist
Terry DodsonArtist
Michal DutkiewiczArtist
Steve EptingArtist
Mike FicheraArtist
Todd FoxArtist
Dan FragaArtist
Ron GarneyArtist
Paul GulacyArtist
Bryan HitchArtist
Dave HooverArtist
Georges JeantyArtist
Jeff JohnsonArtist
Scott KolinsArtist
Adam KubertArtist
Jose LadronnArtist
Salvador "Sal" LarrocaArtist
Jim LeeArtist
Ron LimArtist
Cynthia "Cindy" MartinArtist
Frank Martin Jr.Artist
Thomas MasonArtist
Jeff MatsudaArtist
Vatche MavlianArtist
Walter "Walt" McDanielArtist
Luke McDonnellArtist
Ed McGuinnessArtist
Paco MedinaArtist
Allen "Al" MilgromArtist
Mike S. MillerArtist
Shin NagasawaArtist
Tsutomu NiheiArtist
Mark PacellaArtist
Yanick PaquetteArtist
Jason PearsonArtist
Khoi PhamArtist
Adam PollinaArtist
Pond ScumArtist
Joe QuesadaArtist
Humberto RamosArtist
Nelson RibeiroArtist
John Romita Jr.Artist
Melvin "Mel" RubiArtist
Javier SaltaresArtist
Wilfred SantiagoArtist
Stephen Jorge SegoviaArtist
Liam SharpArtist
Bill SienkiewiczArtist
Marc SilvestriArtist
Walter "Walt" SimonsonArtist
Steve SkroceArtist
Paul Martin SmithArtist
Tom SmithArtist
Joe St. PierreArtist
James "Jim" StarlinArtist
Mark TexeiraArtist
Harvey TolibaoArtist
Kent WilliamsArtist
Peter "Pete" WoodsArtist
Leinil Francis YuArtist
Mark D. BeazleyEditor
John DenningEditor
Jennifer GrunwaldEditor
Cory LevineEditor
Brian OvertonEditor
Joe QuesadaEditor
Alex StarbuckEditor
Jeff YoungquistEditor
Chad AndersonWriter
Ronald ByrdWriter
Madison CarterWriter
Jeff ChristiansenWriter
Mike FicheraWriter
Michael HoskinWriter
Eric J. MoreelsWriter
Jacob RougemontWriter
Stuart VandalWriter
Jeph YorkWriter


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