Twisted Tales (1982) 10-A

Comic Book by Pacific Comics, Dec 01 1984
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Twisted Tales (1982) 10-A by Pacific Comics
Twisted Tales (1982) 10-A by Pacific Comics


Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:DEC 01 1984
Content:Mature Readers


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"Egg In Your Beer"
In a snow-bound Canadian village bar, an old timer swaps tales with a new comer about the harsh encounter he had when he was new to those parts, and soon the beer is flowing.

"One For the Money..."
The thief's plan is perfect...rob the mansion in the middle of the costume party. Loading the loot into his bear costume, he makes off running through the woods...forgetting that it is hunting season.

"Hatchet Job"
The scientists aim to solve the greatest crime mystery of all. Who murdered Lizzy Borden's parents? In the first application of time travel, they plan to put the lead scientist AT the scene of the murder, but things get horribly complicated.

"...Two For the Show"
In a different take on the earlier story, the rich homeowner catches the thief and kills him, and has the idea to hide the jewels for the insurance money. Running in the bear suit through the woods, he encounters an angry mother bear.

"If She Dies"
A grieving man's daughter is declared brain-dead. In his despair, he irrationally buys a bed from an antique dealer that came from a demolished orphanage. The ghost of a child haunts the bed and the man tracks down the truth that will return his daughter to him.

"Poison in the Pantry"
A woman leads a sheltered life that ends up taking her to a bleak existence, surrounded by people that scorn her. She finds that putting a little "extra" in the cooking changes her lifestyle quickly.


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