Limited Collectors' Edition C-41-A

Comic Book by DC, Dec 01 1975
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Limited Collectors' Edition C-41-A by DC
Limited Collectors' Edition C-41-A by DC


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Publish Date:DEC 01 1975
Caption:Treasury Sized



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The Super Friends relate two classic tales of the Justice League of America to Wendy, Marvin, and Wonderdog. "Operation: Jail the Justice League" When Green Arrow suddenly quits the JLA, the other members go undercover in Green Arrow costumes to find out which super-villain is threatening them. When each hero is defeated in this guise, they mysteriously take on the appearance of the villains and are put in jail. With most of the League behind bars, the "retired" Oliver Queen must solve the case. "The Case of the Disabled Justice League" A plan to entertain handicapped children goes awry when Batman, transformed into a monster by Green Lantern's power ring, goes berserk. Now afflicted with various handicaps of their own - Flash has one leg, Superman is blind, and Green Arrow has no arms - can they continue to operate as super heroes? Also includes an article by Alex Toth on the creation of animated television shows such as Super Friends.


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