Jumbo Comics (1938) 12-A

Comic Book by Fiction House Magazines, Feb 01 1940
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Jumbo Comics (1938) 12-A by Fiction House Magazines
Jumbo Comics (1938) 12-A by Fiction House Magazines


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:FEB 01 1940

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"The Captive Tigress" featuring Sheena Queen of the Jungle.
While Sheena awaits Bob's return, she is captured by Arab slavers and taken to Egypt and sold into a harem. Bob launches a rescue mission and is helped by an unlikely party. 11 pages.

No Title Given featuring Peter Pupp.
Having escaped jail, Peter and Tinymite flee the police, seeking shelter at the home of strongman Shortbred. 2 pages.

No Title Given featuring the Hawk.
Having learned of Black Tonda's scheme, Hawk decides to back Jose Mantilla. The odds are poor as Hawk has only a handful of men against Tonda's army of cutthroats. Jose and Maria escape, and Hawk's crew arrives to rescue Hawk who has been shot and beaten. Are they too late? 12 pages.

No Title Given featuring Wilton of the West.
Wiley and Snorty have found a map to a lost Aztec city, reputed to be full of gold. A band of cutthroats follow in close pursuit, eager to steal the goods. 7 pages.


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