Gin-Ryu nn-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Gin-Ryu Studios, Apr 01 2012
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Gin-Ryu nn-A by Gin-Ryu Studios
Gin-Ryu nn-A by Gin-Ryu Studios


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Publish Date:APR 01 2012


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*Power. Survival. Pain. Justice. This is the story of the human condition. For some, life is a quest for power; for others, life is a struggle for survival; for many, life is endless pain; and for a few, life is justice. Defenselessness against external forces causes many to succumb to the pressures of others. Gin-Ryu shows how one life blends into another. It is not a person but rather an ancient Katana, forged over a thousand years ago. The name is Japanese and it means silver dragon. As it passes from one hand to another, a story is told and a life is examined. At times the exchange is without fanfare, while others require a more extreme circumstance. Regardless of the stage of events, a human's life is experienced through the possession of the sword. Gin-Ryu is a saga of life.
This book tells the story of Nicholas Caval a martial arts instructor in the city of Detroit. A man torn between his need for justice and the civilized world's perception of right and wrong. Gin-Ryu comes into his life and he chooses to use it to dispense vigilante justice - only the world at large sees his actions in a different light. Caval becomes caught between law enforcement and the criminal element. A Vigilant Effort tells this story of his conflict and its consequences. *Source: Gin-Ryu Studios



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