Action Comics (1938) 624-A

Comic Book by DC, Nov 01 1988
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Action Comics (1938) 624-A by DC
Action Comics (1938) 624-A by DC


Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:NOV 01 1988
Sale Date:SEP 13 1988



Item Biography

Green Lantern in "Faith"
Written by James Owsley & Mark Bright, penciled by Mark Bright & inked by Jose Marzan Jr.
Continued from Action Comics (1938) #622, continues in Action Comics (1938) #625.
Hal Jordan's continuing search for his lost powers lead him to a tutoring at the hands of an alien known only as Priest.
8 pages.

Captain Marvel in "My Week in Valhalla, Part Two"
Written by Roy Thomas & Dann Thomas, penciled by Rick Stasi & inked by Rick Magyar.
Continued from Action Comics (1938) #623, continues in Action Comics (1938) #626.
Billy Batson's quest for atonement after the accidental death of a criminal forces him to go undercover to investigate a boy's school that teaches racial hatred and prejudice.
7 pages.

The Secret Six in "The Sound of the Silent Heart"
Written by Martin Pasko, penciled by Frank Springer & inked by Frank McLaughlin.
Tony Mantegna of the Secret Six's past is revealed.
8 pages.

Superman in "Pin the tail..."
Written by Roger Stern, penciled by Curt Swan & inked by Murphy Anderson.
Superman story continues from last issue
2 pages.

Deadman in "Wildwood"
Written by Mike Baron, penciled by Vince Giarrano & inked by Tony DeZuniga.
Continued from Action Comics (1938) #623, continues in Action Comics (1938) #624.Deadman continues his struggle to save twin sisters from a pair of ghost with evil intent of raising a zombie army.
8 pages.

Black Canary in "Knock'em Dead, Part 1"
Written by Sharon Wright, penciled by Randy DuBurke & inked by Pablo Marcos.
Dinah Lance struggles with her personal problems, not knowing that a darker evil presence will steer her down a different path.
7 pages.

Cover art by Alan Davis.


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