Queen of Sin 1-A

Comic Book by Legion Studios, Aug 01 2007
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Queen of Sin 1-A by Legion Studios
Queen of Sin 1-A by Legion Studios


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Publish Date:AUG 01 2007
Content:Mature Readers


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*"Meet Lilith...the first woman created"

Through centuries of time, Lilith has been invoking her reign of unseen terror in the examples of all types, through Lucretia Borgia, Elizabeth Bathory, Marie de Brinvilliers, Mary Ann Colton, Lizzie Bordon, or Anne Bonney. Regardless, Evil femininity has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years and still exists today. Legend tells us that she is alive and lurks within the darkest thoughts of all women...

I think its time we tell her story.

Sugar and Spice and Everything nice? I think not!

Part I

"Divine Creation" Story by Scott C. Guffey. Art by Ryan Mojica.

In the beginning...
The Queen of Sin debuts as a flip-book. Mythology tells us that Lilith was an integral part of the legendary Biblical story of Adam and Eve current dissemination of the tale conveniently omits Lilith's role in Paradise. In "Divine Creation", part I, we trace Liliths roots from the beginning of time to her expulsion from the Garden.

Part II

"Worship" Story by Scott C. Guffey. Art by Roc Bottom.

"Worship", Part II brings us to modern day where Lilith has once again hidden herself in society and working in the hedonistic "Hellfire Club" where she has ripe opportunity to carry out her continued wrath. *Source: legionstudios.com


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