Metal Hurlant 14-A

Comic Book by Humanoids, Nov 01 2004
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Metal Hurlant 14-A by Humanoids
Metal Hurlant 14-A by Humanoids


Cover Price:$3.95
Publish Date:NOV 01 2004
Sale Date:DEC 15 2004
Content:Mature Readers


Item Biography

"The Zombies That Ate the World, Chapter 7: King of the Wild Reverb"
Karl and the Belgian meet Maggie and her friend Rob at the drag races, and later attend a club where Rob's band will play. The real show, however, is how Rob intends to kill himself on stage and return as a zombie rocker. The Belgian has a crush on Maggie, and intends to make sure Rob never returns.

"Whiskey In The Jar"
In the Wild West town of Totem, the medicine man has an uncanny ability to save the lives of the wounded gun fighters. While that may seem like a good thing to most, the bad men have made Totem their haven, and the Sheriff has to do something about it.

"Seeds of Love, Seeds of War"
Victoria has met a special someone, Solomon Raspe. He is dangerously attractive, but he brings shocking news about her true nature, that she, like he, is the daughter of a demon, a fire-starter. Worse, they are part of a breed, known as Seed, and a conflict is about to start that may destroy the world.

"Spouting Off: The Random Thoughts of Jean-Pierre Dionnet"
Editorial with spot illustrations.

Two heroin junkies shoot up, and one has an out-of-body experience, and sees where his dealer's stash is kept. They steal the drugs, but now have a methodology for going on a crime spree. Things are great until he loses his ability to control when he is disembodied.

The humans have lost control of the machines, that now rebel and threaten their very existence. To survive, they will need a powerful hero to undergo a terrible transformation to their Golem. A boy of 4 years and his pet rabbit are taken on a perilous journey to the location of the transformation, and all seems lost when the boy is caught scant yards from the site, but the transformation takes place. It wasn't the boy's role, but his pet's.

"Fragile, Part 8"
Alan and Lynn are helped on their trip to Alberville by the still-living Grace. She confirms that Alberville is working on extending the zombie life expectancy. Alan asks Grace why she is helping, and her dark secret is exposed.


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