Hunter-Killer 1-D

Comic Book by Top Cow, Mar 01 2005
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Hunter-Killer 1-D by Top Cow
Hunter-Killer 1-D by Top Cow


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:MAR 01 2005
Sale Date:MAR 18 2005
Caption:WW Los Angeles / Top Cow Store Cover 1/1000


Item Biography

Samantha and her team of Hunter-killers have been tracking a rogue assassin, Cathy Cthulu, who is believed to have information regarding a catalog, containing the names of all the rogue Ultra-Sapiens. With her team in position, they move in, only to discover they are just minutes late. Appearantly Wolf, another rogue assassin, had arrived on scene and killed Cathy, to prevent the Hunter-killers from retrieving the information she had. Samantha and her team, following another lead, head to Montana. High in the Mountains, in a small Cabin, live Ellis and his parents, who we soon learn are all Ultra-Sapiens. Upon Sam's arrival, all hell breaks loose. The parents send Ellis away, in an attempt to protect him, or more accurately, conceal him, as it turns out he IS the catalog, and the Genetech data of all the rogues has been genetically implanted into his DNA!


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