Aphrodite IX (2000) 2-B

Comic Book by Top Cow, Mar 01 2001
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Aphrodite IX (2000) 2-B by Top Cow
Aphrodite IX (2000) 2-B by Top Cow


Cover Price:$2.50
Publish Date:MAR 01 2001
Caption:Graham Crackers Cover 1/2500


Item Biography

After carrying out her mission, from the last issue, Aphrodite is found lying unconscious near the dead Deputy Minister and the smoldering wreckage of his sky cycle. Neville Stewart takes her back to his appartment where she sleeps and finally awakes, confused, and believing the events of her last mission all just a dream. Aphrodite slips back and forth between reality and a dream state, trying to piece together the events of her fragmented mind. Soon we learn that Aphrodite IX is a superior synthetic human being, Extramilitary Espionage Unit, and capable of carrying out unspeakable acts. Finally she ends up at an old church, and Burchard is there, this being their emergency rendezvous point. Of course she has trouble remembering him, or why she even ended up at the church. Suddenly, a group of paramilitary soldiers come crashing through the Stained Glass ceiling, rappelling down ropes, and spouting off about how Aphrodite has violated Criminal Codes "Alpha Epsilon, Three through Twelve," and she must pay for her crimes, sentence to be carried out immediately. A full on battle commences, and Aprodite takes some serious damage, but eventually takes down all of the initail forces. Now, Aphrodite is left standing face to face with a volatile psychopath, perhaps her most difficult challenge yet!


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