Lady Death: Origins 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Boundless Comics, Nov 01 2010
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Lady Death: Origins 1-A by Boundless Comics
Lady Death: Origins 1-A by Boundless Comics


Cover Price:$19.99
Publish Date:NOV 01 2010
Sale Date:NOV 03 2010

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Collects Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Abandon All Hope #1/2-4 and Brian Pulido's Lady Death: The Wicked #1/2-1.

*For the first time ever, Lady Death’s previous tales are being collected in this new series of graphic novels, Lady Death: Origins! With tons of breathtaking adventures that are, until now, out of print, the Lady Death: Origins series is a perfect way for fans to see what has come before the new Boundless monthly series! This first volume collects the epic five-issue Abandon All Hope series, which not only tells Lady Death’s origin story, but introduces a whole cast of characters, with art from Ron Adrian. Also contained within is the two-issue Wicked series with art by Richard Ortiz. This volume is available in paperback with a cover by Javier (Crossed) Barreno, a Hardcover by Juan Jose Ryp that is limited to 2500 copies, and a special Signed Hardcover with a new cover from Richard Ortiz and featuring a signature plate from creator and writer of Lady Death, Brian Pulido that is limited to 1250 copies! *Source:



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