Thor (1966) 600-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Apr 01 2009
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Thor (1966) 600-A by Marvel
Thor (1966) 600-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$4.99
Publish Date:APR 01 2009
Sale Date:FEB 11 2009
Caption:Olivier Coipel Wraparound Cover


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Loki's plan has all of the pieces in place, and he sets it into motion. He mystically retrieves the fragments of Odin's father Bor, scattered to the snows millennia ago, restoring him to life in Midtown Manhattan. Bor is expecting his son Odin to have revived him, and when Odin can't be found, he suspects he has fallen to the enemy. Loki's spell ensures the Bor sees Thor as that enemy. As the fierce battle rages, the Dark Avengers try to put a lid on it, treating both parties as enemy combatants. Thor dispatches them, but he must make a choice, Bor's life or the whole of Midgard's?

"To Asgard, Forever!"

After a lifetime of battle, Thor wearies of the life of a warrior, and makes the decision to hang up the mallet and retire to Midgard with Sif, perhaps start a family. When they arrive, the services of Doctor Don Blake are required to save the life of a young boy. After a successful recovery, the boy tells Blake that his determination to survive came from his role model Thor, who never quits. Thor retires from retirement.

"Welcome Back Thor"

A comedic fast retake on the major events that have taken place from the time that Thor returned, including Civil War and Secret Invasion.

"Tales of Asgard: Balder the Brave" reprinted from Journey into Mystery (1952) #106

"Tales of Asgard: Balder Must Die!" reprinted from Journey into Mystery (1952) #107

"Tales of Asgard: The Coming of Loki!" reprinted from Journey into Mystery (1952) #112

"Tales of Asgard: The Boyhood of Loki!" reprinted from Journey into Mystery (1952) #113

"Tales of Asgard: A Viper in Our Midst!" reprinted from Journey into Mystery (1952) #115

"Thor 600 Cover Gallery" a collection of thumbnails of the covers of Journey into Mystery (1952), and Thor (1966), (1998) & (2007)


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