Sub-Mariner (1941) 39-A

Comic Book by Atlas, Apr 01 1955
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Sub-Mariner (1941) 39-A by Atlas
Sub-Mariner (1941) 39-A by Atlas


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:APR 01 1955
Content:CCA Approved

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"The Commie Frogmen vs. Sub-Mariner!" (F-732) (title taken from cover). 7 pages.
While Namor tries to figure a way out of his dilemma, having been charged by the Emperor to wage war on the surface dweller, he lurks about the piers of New York City, and stumbles upon a band of Communist saboteurs, frogmen who emerge from their hidden sub in the harbor.

"The Big Fight!" (A-456) 2 pages, text only.

"The Sub-Mariner Gets a Lesson in Humility from Namora!" (F-762). 4 pages.
Namor is introduced by his mother Princess Fen to his cousin, Namora. Namor is too young to enjoy hanging around girls, so Namora gets left behind when Namor goes to play with Byrrah. Namora hangs around to save Namor's skin when Byrrah plays dirty.

"Octopus!" (F-618) 4 pages. A life-and-death drama between a giant octopus and hammer-head shark.

"The Long Night" featuring the Sub-Mariner (F-797). 8 pages.
El Diablo, a hypnotist with a vendetta against Namor, takes over an abandoned amusement park, and from there establishes mental control over Namor. El Diablo compels Namor to go on a crime spree, until Namor can re-assert control.


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