Savage Dragon (1993) 186-A

Comic Book by Image, Apr 01 2013
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Savage Dragon (1993) 186-A by Image
Savage Dragon (1993) 186-A by Image


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Publish Date:APR 01 2013
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Content:T+ / Teen Plus


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*The next generation of the Vicious Circle is rising. The city of Chicago sits on the brink of destruction. With his world crashing around him, Malcolm Dragon loses the one person he needs the most: his adopted sister Angel. Now Malcolm Dragon faces his greatest challenge ever - alone. *Source:

Powerhouse give Flash Mercury an introduction to the next generation of the Vicious Circle, which is interrupted by a brawl, started by the Claw, Daredevil's WWII nemesis.

Thunderhead brought the Claw for introductions, but the Claw is unimpressed with the Vicious Circle, so decides to start his quest for World domination single-handedly.

Angel Murphy, who has been invited to join Special Operations Strikeforce, is making a round of goodbyes when the fracas starts, and joins her brother Malcolm and Daredevil, as they fruitlessly try to stop the Claw.

Elsewhere, Dragon is visited in jail by a holographic message from the lone survivor of his race. Dragon's decision to have his race take over the Kalyptus races planet backfired.

The Kalyptus returned to slaughter his people after Dragon's departure. Lorella, the lone survivor, is coming to Earth with the purpose of propagating her race.


Zeek spends his days hanging around the diner, spending his time with love, Widow and Rock. Trouble comes to find him, though, in the form of Absorbing Junior, who steals Zeek's strength then battles Zeek, Rock and Widow to a stand still.

When Zeek sees Widow in danger, he looses his composure, and kills Absorbing Junior. At the conclusion of the battle, Zeek's father arrives to bring Zeek back to Godtown, with or without Zeek's consent.


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