Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by DC, Nov 01 2008
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Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest 1-A by DC
Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest 1-A by DC


Cover Price:$14.99
Publish Date:NOV 01 2008



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Collects Green Lantern Corps (2006) #19-20, 23-26.

*In the wake of the Sinestro Corps War, universal peacekeepers the Green Lantern Corps are assigned a mission of extreme importance: find the missing yellow Power Rings and keep them from creating a new Sinestro Corps.

Unfortunately, one of the yellow rings has fallen into the hands of Mongul - a murderous alien whose annihilation of an entire American city once almost led to the destruction of the Corps. Now, having experienced their awesome power, Mongul sets out to gather more of the yellow rings... setting himself in direct conflict with the Green Lanterns' quest.

Mongul alone is enough of a challenge for even the most seasoned Lanterns. Can the Corps possibly withstand his might, armed as he is with multiple power rings and the deadly Black Mercy plant? Or will there be a new quest to find replacement bearers for the green Power Rings?
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