Rangers Comics 14-A

Comic Book by Fiction House Magazines, Dec 01 1943
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Rangers Comics 14-A by Fiction House Magazines
Rangers Comics 14-A by Fiction House Magazines


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Publish Date:DEC 01 1943

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"The Prisoner of the Iron Mask" featuring Commando Ranger.
The Commando Ranger is on a secret mission in WWII Norway to free the prisoner in the Iron Mask with the Gestapo on his trail. 10 pages.

No Title Given featuring The Sea Devil.
Ensign Dewey and Biff take their ship, the Sea Devil on secret assignment to locate a hidden Nazi U-Boat nest. 6 pages.

"Hirohito's Giant Headsman" featuring U.S. Rangers.
Captain Morgan's Rangers assist Chilia, a Chinese freedom fighter struggling against Japanese occupiers. 10 pages.

No Title Given featuring Glory Forbes.
Glory, former FBI agent, works at the Metro while recovering from injury, but stumbles into an espionage plot nonetheless. 8 pages.

"Private Elmer Pippin and the Colonel's Daughter"
Elmer's girl Hazel is away, and has given Elmer a letter to mail. He stumbles into a theft of the mail by spies, who plot to destroy a railroad trestle. 6 pages.

"The Puppets of the Witch Queen" featuring the Werewolf Hunter.
Professor Broussard takes Ann to a Madam Speszi's puppet show, but the puppets are more than they seem, and Madam Speszi means to use black magic to make Ann into one of her dolls. 6 pages.

"The Silver Ape of Lilani" 2 pages, text only.

"The Phantom Falcons"
The Falcons enjoy a secret base in Java from which they lead bombing runs on the Japanese. A native woman washes on their shore, and soon their secret is compromised. 8 pages.


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