Marvel Mystery Comics (1939) 8-A

Comic Book by Timely, Jun 01 1940
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Marvel Mystery Comics (1939) 8-A by Timely
Marvel Mystery Comics (1939) 8-A by Timely


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Publish Date:JUN 01 1940


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"The Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner Meet!"
Namor is furious with the surface world after his attempts to aid America in the war are met with fear and hostility. He declares a vendetta against the surface world. His friend, Betty Dean has warned him that the Human Torch has been sent to stop him. Namor continues his rampage and is confronted by the Torch at the George Washington Bridge. Namor retreats to the safety of the Hudson River. 10 pages.
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol 1) #1.

No Title Given featuring the Human Torch.
Note: this story proceeds the above
The Torch has been assigned the job of bringing Namor to justice by the police. Betty Dean speaks to the Torch, telling him that Namor is not evil, but the Torch will not be deterred. Reports of the Sub-Mariner's rampage at the Empire State Building and Bronx Zoo reach the Torch, and the Torch catches up with Namor at the George Washington Bridge. 12 pages.
First meeting of the Sub-Mariner and the Golden Age Human Torch.

No Title Given featuring the Angel.
The Angel takes on a gang of kidnappers who have taken the daughter of a steel mill owner. The plot has been concocted by a rival business man to gain control of the mill. He hasn't accounted for the Angel, who foils the plot. 8 pages.

No Title Given featuring the Masked Raider.
The Masked Raider is assisted by Mexican Pete in bringing some bank robbers to justice, and uncovers a bank fraud scandal. 8 pages.

"Dynamite's Doom" 2 pages text with spot illustrations.

No Title Given featuring Electro, the Marvel of the Age.
Mob boss Sarpo has vowed to kill Professor Zog and steal his robot Electro in retailiation for being sent to jail, and he soon realizes his plan. With Zog captive, Electo does Sarpo's bidding. Aliens, the Dragon-Men of Ligra, observe Electro, and stop the gangsters, capturing Zog and Electro and departing Earth. 8 pages.

No Title Given featuring Ferret, Mystery Detective.
The Ferret goes to the bank and stumbles upon a robbery by Blackie Giles' gang. The robbers get away, and soon come after Ferret to silence him. 6 pages.

No Title Given featuring the Adventures of Ka-Zar the Great.
Two men explore the jungle in search of a lost gold mine. One murders the other out of greed, and soon works with a crooked chieftain to obtain slave labor for the mine. The other tribes come to Ka-Zar to stop their members from being sold into slavery. Ka-Zar and Zar raid the mine and free the slave, killing the white owner. 10 pages.


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