Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens 1-C

Comic Book by Kaboom!, Jul 01 2012
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Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens 1-C by Kaboom!
Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens 1-C by Kaboom!


Cover Price:$3.99
Publish Date:JUL 01 2012
Sale Date:JUL 11 2012
Caption:Ming Doyle 1:20 Virgin Cover

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*Join fan-favorite characters Marceline and Princess Bubblegum for Riot Grrl rock fueled excitement in this brand-new Adventure Time mini-series! Thanks to a newfound interest in music, Princess Bubblegum joins Marceline’s paranormal rock band for a tour across the land of Ooo! But when they’re threatened by everything from scenesters to beasts born of self-doubt, can they make it to the RADDEST GIG EVER in time?! Written and drawn by acclaimed cartoonist Meredith Gran (OCTOPUS PIE) and featuring a back-up story from Jen Wang (KOKO BE GOOD), with variant covers by rockstar lady cartoonists Chynna Clugston (BLUE MONDAY), Ming Doyle (POPGUN), Colleen Coover (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) and New York Times best-seller Kate Beaton (HARK! A VAGRANT)!



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