Savage Tales (1971) 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, May 01 1971
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Savage Tales (1971) 1-A by Marvel
Savage Tales (1971) 1-A by Marvel


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Publish Date:MAY 01 1971


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"The Frost Giant's Daughter"
Reprinted in Conan the Barbarian (1970) #16 in color.
Conan of Cimmeria fights for the Aesir in their border skirmish against Vanaheim, and he stands alone and exhausted on the snow-covered field of battle. A scantily clad beauty appears before him, taunting him into a chase that leads to a trap by her Frost Giant brothers. Against all odds, Conan slays the giants and captures the girl, only to learn she is the daughter of the god Ymir, the stuff of legend, and isn't his to keep. 11 pages.

"The Fury of the Femizons"
In the 23rd century, gender superiority has changed. Men exist only to serve the pleasure of womankind, and the Femizons rule New U.S.A. Queen Vega holds the throne, but her sister, Princess Lyra bristles with unrest, for she knows the forbidden past. She secretly joins the underground resistance against her sister, seeking to overthrow the crown. 10 pages.

A creature shambles in the swamps, whose humanity is barely recognizable, who struggles for coherent thought. Such is the fate of scientist Theodore Sallis, creator of a Super-Soldier serum. His work at his secret Everglades lab is compromised, sold to foreign agents by the woman he loves, Ellen Brandt. His only option to save his work is to self-inject the only sample as he flees for his life. His flight sends him crashing headlong into the mystically-charged swamp waters just as his transformation from the serum takes place. He finds himself trapped in the body of a monster who seems comprised of the swamp itself. 11 pages.
First appearance of the Man-Thing.

"Black Brother!"
A young African woman comes close to selling her body in order to get money for the medicine her parents need. Joshua, the Governor of Potonga in Orbia intercedes, but his frustration at finding justice and opportunity for the people of his impoverished country are palpable. Even his wife sells him down the river to the interests that want to brush him aside. 11 pages.

"The Night of the Looter!"
Reprinted in Savage Tales (Marvel) #6.
Ka-Zar must deal not only with a man intent on looting his hidden cache of Vibranium with the help of the Swamp Men, but also with the man's wife who thinks that she can use her womanly wiles on Ka-Zar, but her scheming costs her to lose her life. 15 pages.


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