Star*Reach 5-A

Comic Book by Star Reach Productions, Jul 01 1976
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Star*Reach 5-A by Star Reach Productions
Star*Reach 5-A by Star Reach Productions


Cover Price:$1.25
Publish Date:JUL 01 1976

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"Gideon Faust, Warlock at Large" by Wein/Chaykin. Gideon Faust is engaged to help a woman who traffics in in questionable affairs, but one of her clients turns out to be an ancient evil. 12 pgs. b&w.

"The Gods of Mount Olympus, Chapter 1: The Beginning of All Things" by Achzinger/Staton. Homer tells his students of the Gods of Olympus and how the world came into being. 16 pgs b&w.

"A Nice Place to Live, But..." by Brunner. 1 pg b&w.

"Mandy" by Workman. 1 pg b&w.

"Waters of Requital" by Marrs. An alien race performs experiments on dolphins that will end in the destruction of the subjects, until one of the aliens grows a conscience. 8 pgs b&w.

"Midnight in the Medina" by Vosburg. Linda Lovecraft is after a valuable antique ring, but she is not the only one. 10 pgs b&w.


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