Aphrodite IX (2000) 3-B

Comic Book by Top Cow, Dec 01 2001
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Aphrodite IX (2000) 3-B by Top Cow
Aphrodite IX (2000) 3-B by Top Cow


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:DEC 01 2001
Caption:2003 Comic Con International Exclusive 1/500


Item Biography

After the events of the last issue, Aphrodite has ended up in Police custody, being held in interrogation. She is accused of approximately fifteen murders, but denies any knowledge or involvement. Just as the interrogation is about to get ugly, Neville Stewart comes in with a warrant, and demands the immediate release of Aphrodite. Still trying to piece together her past, she insists they go to the scene of one of the recent murders, at the Singletary Tower, where she had fell, or more accurately-jumped, from the 40 story building. Seeing the broken glass, and crime scene, part of her memory comes flooding back, and Aphrodite knows it really was her who killed Tyler Prentice. But, she still has no idea why. Although part of her memory has come back, she still can't put it all together, it's as if someone is blocking her memory. No matter, Aphrodite IX is determined to find the answers, regardless of who stands in her way!


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