2000 A.D. (UK) 11-A

Comic Book by Rebellion, May 01 1977
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2000 A.D. (UK) 11-A by Rebellion
2000 A.D. (UK) 11-A by Rebellion


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Publish Date:MAY 01 1977



Item Biography

The cover of this issue is by Brian Bolland - this is the first time any of Bollands work appears in 2000AD. Also contained in this issue is the final part of the Flesh card game along with a page of the game rules written by Pat Mills.

Invasion – Dartmoor: Episode 2.
Wild dogs created by Volgan experiments are closing in on Bill Savage, Peter Silk and their charge Samual Frost. The only chance of escape is to freewheel their trashed vehicle down a steep slope into the marsh below. The dogs continue their chase however and it’s discovered that the lining of Frost’s prison uniform contains dried blood – a Volgan trick to ensure that their experimental hounds will track down any escapees. Savage, Silk and Frost are soon caught between the dogs and a Volgan hovercraft. Silk throws Frost’s prison gear aboard the craft and the Volgans are dealt with by their own creations allowing the resistance members to make good their escape.

Flesh – Flesh Book I: Episode 11.
Earl Reagan tries to warn the Flesh Controller at the trans-time base that a war with the dinosaurs is imminent. The controller gives Earl Reagan and Joe Brontowski a tour of the facility showing them the security measures that are in place and is confident that they’re all quite safe within the base. Meanwhile, due to mans rounding up of all of the plant eating dinosaurs, the starving flesh eaters are beginning to amass outside of the trans-time base knowing that their usual prey awaits them inside…

Judge Dredd – Robot Wars: Part 2.
After the robot Call-Me-Kenneth went on a killing spree, Judge Dredd requests the power to destroy all hi-grade robots. His request is denied so he hands in his shield feeling that he can no longer serve when his hands have been tied against what he believes to be "the greatest threat to mankind". Meanwhile, Doctor Arnold Wisenheimer is performing a televised operation on a repaired Call-Me-Kenneth to find out what went wrong with his programming. A nurse drops a soldering lance into the robot, which reactivates him, enabling him to begin his fight against the fleshy ones anew. He calls out through the television to all other robots to join him in his fight. Thus begins the robot wars proper and Dredd takes back his shield to lead the Judges against their mechanical foes.

Dan Dare – Dan Dare: Sequence 11.

First appearance of Mekon in 2000AD.

Dan Dare has no weapons left on his K-Craft but on the crippled galaxy class cruiser Odyssey, Commander Monday has a last desperate plan to wipe out the remaining Biog fleet. He sets course for the Sun and activates the tachyon star drive motors and the ship plunges out of control into the star and drags the remaining Biog ships along with it. Dan Dare returns to Luna Base to face the Solar Fleet Controller who awards Commander Monday the Solar Cross posthumously but strips Dare of his office and discharges him from the service for disobeying orders. Dare is not concerned with his punishment but wants to know who provided information to the Biogs as to where to locate humans in the vastness of space – enter the Mekon…

M.A.C.H.1 – Operation Death-Drive! (single episode).
John Probe has 12 hours to drive military expert, Adolf Meisser, 1,289 miles from Dubrovik to Paris so he can give information to a U.N. conference about the Eastern arms build-up. Probe has to speed at an average of over 130mph and use all of his skills to try and make it in time. With 300 miles to go they are attacked by men with rocket rifles on motorbikes. With some slick driving Probe is able to get them out of trouble and they make it to the conference with three minutes to spare, although the Mark 2 Aston Martin Lagonda he was driving is a write off and Adolf Meisser will need weeks to recover from the shock of his ordeal.

Harlem Heroes – Harlem Heroes: Episode 11.
Artie Gruber has fled into the Montezuma Mashers pit and the Heroes are hot on his tail. Gruber launches out of the pit wearing one of the Mashers jetpacks, punches Harlem Heroes team member Sammy and escapes through the roof of the stadium. Sammy’s brains have been scrambled and he’ll never play again. The Heroes have nowhere to vent their frustrations except on the aeroball field against the Mashers who they beat in no uncertain terms. After the game Giant vows in front of the television cameras that whoever is trying to sabotage his team is only making them fight harder to win, he doesn’t know that he’s playing right in to the saboteurs hands…


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