Detective Comics (1937) 445-A

Comic Book by DC, Mar 01 1975
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Detective Comics (1937) 445-A by DC
Detective Comics (1937) 445-A by DC


Cover Price:$.60
Publish Date:MAR 01 1975
Sale Date:NOV 26 1974
Content:CCA Approved

Item Biography

"Break-in at the Big House!"
Batman is wanted for murder, when he kills Talia in cold blood. The trouble only further grows as Ra's al Ghul kills himself and frames Batman for it.

"Cops of all Trades" reprinted from Gangbusters (1947) #2.

"Case of the Robot Spy!" reprinted from Strange Adventures (1950) #116.

"The Human Bomb!" reprinted from Big Town #2

"Strange Laws" reprinted from Detective Comics #281

"The Swiss Border Patrol!" reprinted from Star Spangled Comics #105.

"The Case of the Crooked Gambler!" reprinted from Gangbusters (1947) #5

"The Man Who Slept 200 Years!" reprinted from Detective Comics (1937) #222.

"Ten Miles to Nowhere!" reprinted from Detective Comics (1937) #321.

"24 Hours from Death!" reprinted from Gangbusters (1947) #25.

"Case of the Talking Shadows!" reprinted from All-American Comics (1939) #101.

"The Touchdown Trap!"
Hudson University is celebrating the historic first College Football Championship that they ever won, by inviting the entire team back to re-create it. The celebration is immediately interrupted by a gang of men who begin destroying the University's trophy room, before they are stopped by Robin. Afterwards, Robin begins to think that there is something larger going on here and he's going to find out what.


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