Devi 3-A

Comic Book by Virgin Comics, Sep 01 2006
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Devi 3-A by Virgin Comics
Devi 3-A by Virgin Comics


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Publish Date:SEP 01 2006
Sale Date:SEP 13 2006


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*What started out as a standard suspect chase for inspector Rahul Singh of the Sitapur police ends up as an encounter with demonic forces - his hissing , building-jumping quarry literally losing his head while refusing to cooperate in his own autopsy. A tattoo on the decapitated demon-corpse leads Rahul to The Abyss, a nightclub owned by Iyam, once Bala's favourite general, now Sitapur's most notorious ganglord. Though Iyam makes an appearance at his club, it's not long before he leaves on important business, and Rahul, intrigued, gives chase.

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman named Amara Gaelle gives Kratha, the Apsara assassin, her mark - a young woman named Tara Mehta, the present-day Devi incarnate and Iyam's girlfriend. That night, Tara, unaware of the deadly forces converging around her, is kidnapped at knifepoint by the Durapasya, human soldiers for the gods of light. Tara is drugged and hoisted on top of an elephant which, despite what you might have heard, is not part of your average Sitapur night on the town. The Durapasya now intend to march Tara in style to the ceremony where she will be initiated into the ways of the Devi. But they're unaware of the danger that lurks on the rooftops above - Kratha has just been ordered to kill them all. *Source: Devi #3


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