Avengers (1963) 165-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 01 1977
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Avengers (1963) 165-B by Marvel
Avengers (1963) 165-B by Marvel


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Publish Date:NOV 01 1977
Caption:UK Price Cover
Content:CCA Approved


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"Hammer of Vengeance!"

"Tham!" "Thoom!" Those are the sounds of Wonder Man's fists hitting the now super-dense frame of Count Nefaria. "Ka-Blam!" That's the sound of Wonder Man's body hurtling through the wall of Avengers' Mansion.

Jarvis, the ever faithful butler is stunned into action. He activates the Mansion's emergency power reserve to preserve the Vision, who's on life support after the recent Ultron attack.

Back outside on the street, Nefaria continues to make mincemeat out of the Avengers. He's slightly perturbed that he can't crush Cap's shield, even with his ultra-increased strength. In his annoyance at what he now considers gnats irritating him, Nefaria decides that the best way to deal with them is to crush them, toppling a building over them.

Absolute power clearly adds to an already inflated ego. Nefaria tears apart bank vaults and scatters notes like confetti on a whim. The vanity continues when the Count kidnaps a woman on the street to demonstrate his prodigious leaping ability to land on a skyscraper rooftop.

Bob Frank, as the Whizzer makes a valiant attempt to do something, anything, to even give Nefaria pause. This only results in more amusement for Nefaria. However, something Whizzer says to him causes Nefaria to doubt his own virilty and longevity.

In a devastated basement laboratory, a broken old man crawls from the wreckage. Iron Man reaches Avengers' Mansion after the dust has settled. He's relieved to find his fellow Avengers still alive, but not so secure when they turn on him, questioning his leadership style.

Nefaria has returned to the Mansion, presuming the Avengers had survived his last onslaught. He demands they summon Thor, for the Count intends to wrest from him the secret of immortality. Like this divinity could be conferred to any unworthy upstart like a commodity.

Iron Man is first to strike, half from bravado, and half from striving to prove himself to his team-mates. He eventually falls to the nigh-invulnerable villain, and so too does the still self-doubting, Wonder Man.

Situations look bleak, when lightning crackles the air. Nefaria has his wish granted. The Thunder God, Thor is indeed here and intent on holy retribution.

First appearance of Henry Peter Gyrich.


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