Marvel Premiere 12-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 01 1973
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Marvel Premiere 12-A by Marvel
Marvel Premiere 12-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.20
Publish Date:NOV 01 1973
Content:CCA Approved


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"Portal to the Past!"

Clea and Wong find Doctor Strange levitating, meditating, crossed-legged in the middle of the Mexican desert after nine days of absentia. Strange has finally readjusted his focus and come to terms with becoming the new Sorceror Supreme.

A minuscule measure of Strange's power teleports the trio back to the Sanctum Sanctorum, circumventing traditional modes of transport.

The new Sorceror Supreme makes a commitment to Clea, to make her his disciple, as he once was to the Ancient One. Out of magnanimity, tinged perhaps with a little naivety, Strange wishes to seek out his entrenched foe, Baron Mordo and explain he has succeeded their once mutual master.

With a whisk of the Cloak of Levitation, Strange is soon away in Transylvania. Mere mention of Mordo's name provokes a violent reaction. Stavros, a wandering Gypsy leads Strange to the safety of his camp.

Lilia, a fair Gypsy maiden, insists on dancing for the stranger in their midst. The dance has an entrancing effect on Stephen Strange. When it is ended he is completely immersed in subservience to the Gypsy Queen. Doctor Strange proves that no matter his new lofty status, he is still only a man - and prone to the allure of a woman.

What Lilia would have Strange do for her is to retrieve the Book of Cagliostro, stolen from her people by Mordo, who charmed her with lies.

Strange and the Gypsy have to storm Mordo's magically suspended castle to liberate the tome. Cagliostro's book is guarded by a gargoyle, who tests Strange, stripped of his free will. Lilia releases him, too late to save herself. Strange discovers Mordo's chilling plot; to change time and history.

Contains a fan letter from Ralph Macchio.


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