Limited Collectors' Edition C-34-A

Comic Book by DC, Mar 01 1975
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Limited Collectors' Edition C-34-A by DC
Limited Collectors' Edition C-34-A by DC


Cover Price:$1.00
Publish Date:MAR 01 1975
Sale Date:NOV 07 1974
Caption:Oversized Treasury



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"Silent Night, Deadly Night" (17 pages)
Reprinted from Batman #239

Batman catches a thief who's been stealing donation baskets from Santa Clauses around Gotham. The thief convinces Batman to hear his story and introduces him to his niece. He escapes and tries to take revenge on the man responsible for his situation, but instead manages to redeem himself

"Billy Batson's Xmas" (7 pages)
Reprinted from Captain Marvel Adventures #69

While shopping for a Christmas gift for Captain Marvel, Billy Batson witnesses a fire in the store. Changing to Captain Marvel, he puts out the fire. The owner blames the fire on the store's Santa Claus and fires him. Captain Marvel agrees to play Santa that evening, even though it means Billy will miss his own Christmas party. As it turns out, he discovers the reason for the fire and gets the Santa rehired, leading to a Merry Christmas for all!

"Your Super-Hero Christmas Calendar"
A pull-out 1975 calendar.

"The $500,000 Doll Caper" (15 pages)
Angel and the Ape are forced to steal all the dolls in town before Christmas for a crook looking for a diamond hidden in one of them.

"A Swingin' Christmas Carol" (23 pages)
Reprinted from Teen Titans (Vol 1) #13

*The Teen Titans find themselves reliving the events of Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' when Tiny Tom Ratchet involves them in the secret dealings of junkyard owner Ebenezer Scrounge and Mr. Big, a smuggler with a strange device that recycles junk into 'new' goods. With the Titans playing the roles of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, Scrounge repents and helps them bring in Mr. Big and his gang. *Source: Official Teen Titans Index #1 - Published by ICG

Superman: "Christmastown, U.S.A." (12 pages)
Reprinted from Action Comics #117

Clark Kent and Lois Lane are dispatched to Christmastown to report on their Christmas festival, but when a flood threatens their celebration, Superman comes to the rescue.

"Write Your Own Comic Page!!"
A cartoon with blank word balloons to add your own dialogue.

"Super-Hero Christmas Cards"
Cut-out Christmas cards

"Santa Claus Guessing Game"

"The Super-Villains Speak Out on Christmas"
Various villains give quotes on the meaning of the Holidays to them.

"Christmas Quiz"
Test your knowledge of Christmas customs from around the world!


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