Invaders (1975) 20-C

Comic Book by Marvel, Sep 01 1977
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Invaders (1975) 20-C by Marvel
Invaders (1975) 20-C by Marvel


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:SEP 01 1977
Caption:UK Price Cover
Content:CCA Approved


Story Arcs

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"The Battle of Berlin!"

The sight of a newly invogorated Union Jack is enough to inspire the Invaders to break their drug-inflicted delirium. Toro takes a Nazi bullet in the chest before his flame becomes strong enough to melt it.

The minister conducting Master Man and Warrior Woman's wedding is crushed to death before fully completing the ceremony. But Hitler decrees that they are indeed married, before escaping the scene with Captain America's shield in his possession.

"The Sub-Mariner"

Young Namor encounters deep-sea divers for the very first time. Believing them to be inhuman robots, Namor ends up killing two of them with his superior strength.

After returning to Atlantis with his conquests Namor discovers that the 'robots' were surface-men. Princess Fen, Namor's mother, recounts the tale of her first meeting with Leonard McKenzie, the savage Sub-Mariner's sire. The story also reveals the enmity between the surface and undersea races.

Reprinted from Marvel Comics #1.


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