Superman (1939) 217-A

Comic Book by DC, Jul 01 1969
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Superman (1939) 217-A by DC
Superman (1939) 217-A by DC


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:JUL 01 1969
Sale Date:APR 08 1969
Content:CCA Approved

Item Biography

*"The Outlaws from Krypton!"
Meet the sinister super-beings who were the FIRST Kryptonian villains ever featured in any Superman Family magazine -- Action Comics #194 (July 1954).

"The Girl from Superman's Past!"
How did Superman FIRST meet the mysterious and beautiful Lori Lemaris? Why did he almost give up his career for her? The answers are in this story from Superman #129 (May 1959).

"The Super-Duel in Space!"
Here's one of the all-time super-epics -- the FIRST tale to feature the villainous Brainiac and the bottle city of Kandor! From Action Comics #242 (July 1958).

"The First Supergirl!"
Before Supergirl came to Earth, Superman teamed up with a different Maid of Might. Here's her fantastic and tragic story, from Superman #123 (August 1958).

"The Menace of Metallo!"
Learn how Superman nearly met his doom in his classic clash with Metallo, the Man of Metal! There's an amazing FIRST on the LAST page of this adventure from Action Comics #252 (May 1959).

*Source: Table of Contents.

Note: This is G-60, G-59 is Superboy #156 and G-61 is Batman #213


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