Miracleman (1985) 6-A

Comic Book by Eclipse, Feb 01 1986
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Miracleman (1985) 6-A by Eclipse
Miracleman (1985) 6-A by Eclipse


Cover Price:$.95
Publish Date:FEB 01 1986

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"...And Every Dog its Day"
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #21

Like a meteorite from outer space, Miracleman hits Gargunza's South American base where his counterpart's wife is being held, prior to the birth of his child. Walls are rent asunder like paper until Miracleman confronts his creator.

Being a grimly fiendish genius, however, the good (bad) doctor has a back-up plan ready to employ. One word, three syllables. No, not playing charades, but the effect is still somewhat startling. Michael Moran re-appears, his powers short-circuited by Gargunza.

Gargunza remains eerily calm and fusses his pet dog, Pluto. Another three syllable word accompanied by blinding flash of energy. Take a butcher's hook... ickle Pluto becomes the Hound from Hell itself.

"All Heads Turn as the Hunt Goes By"

Liz Moran and Evelyn Cream rush into the wrecked enclosure and are faced by a surreal sight. Michael Moran in his pyjamas, cornered by a perversion of science and nature. No, there is nothing natural about this creature, just the depraved application of bio-engineering.

Still, no matter what they say about him, Gargunza is ever a generous host, giving his guests a sporting chance by way of a three minute head-start before setting the Devil-dog-thing on them.

Running through the jungle with Moran in tow brings back all those familiar demons for Cream. All the fears and self-doubt come to a blunt end when the Hell-dog pens him in, making a fatal lunge. Michael Moran, it's your lucky day. You're next.

"Young Miracleman"
reprinted from Warrior (UK) #12

Dicky Dauntless flies to a far-off ice planet, perchance to plunder some trinkets, for means of impressing an office temp.

This issue contains the last Miracleman reprint from Warrior and the first original content by Alan Moore for Eclipse.


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