Adventure Comics (1938) 300-A

Comic Book by DC, Sep 01 1962
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Adventure Comics (1938) 300-A by DC
Adventure Comics (1938) 300-A by DC


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Publish Date:SEP 01 1962
Content:CCA Approved



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Superboy in "The Super-Planet of Clark Kent and Lana Lang"
When Clark and Lana are accidentally teleported to a strange world by Professor Potter, Clark must make Lana think they both have super-powers there, to prevent her from guessing that he's Superboy.

An untitled Varsity Vic strip.

An untitled Little Pete strip.

(The Legion of Super-Heroes become a regular feature starting with this issue).

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes in "The Face Behind the Lead Mask"
*During a routine meeting, the Legionnaires suddenly begin losing control over their powers. Even Superboy, whom they have summoned to the future, cannot discover the cause of their problem. After the World-Wide Police threaten to banish them from Earth, a lead-masked villain calling himself "Urthlo" appears and takes credit for the predicament.

Because Urthlo possesses a device that controls their powers, the heroes find themselves unable to stop him, until Saturn Girl and Superboy release Mon-El from the Phantom Zone, where he has been for 1000 years. After she provides him with Serum XY-4, a temporary lead-poisoning antidote, Mon-El defeats Urthlo, who turns out to be a robot sent into the future from Superboy's time by a vengeful Lex Luthor.

After the battle, Mon-El must be returned to the Zone, but only after being voted into the Legion. *Source: The Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index #2 - Published by ICG.

An untitled Jerry the Jitterbug strip.


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