Vampirella/Wetworks 1-A

Comic Book by Harris, Jun 01 1997
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Vampirella/Wetworks 1-A by Harris
Vampirella/Wetworks 1-A by Harris


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:JUN 01 1997
Sale Date:JUN 25 1997
Caption:Mike Bair "Standard" Cover

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"Soul of Blood"

On a small Caribbean island, a cult of vampires has been feeding on the poor in the shadows of the casinos. Both Vampirella and WetWorks have come to stop them once and for all. But WetWorks have been fighting the vampire menace for a long time, and are not quick to trust Vampirella.

When Vampirella finds the cult about to perform their sacrifices, WetWorks storms in to stop them. It seems the cults most sacred relic is a strange playing card, which houses the soul of the Queen of Hearts.

When the Queen of Hearts is able to take over Mother-One's body, WetWorks and Vampirella must work together to stop the her. After the Queen has been destroyed, WetWorks decides that Vampirella may be a vampire that they can actually trust.

This issue takes place before WetWorks/Vampirella #1 and before the events of WetWorks (1994) #32.


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