Savage Tales (1971) 6-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Sep 01 1974
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Savage Tales (1971) 6-A by Marvel
Savage Tales (1971) 6-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.75
Publish Date:SEP 01 1974


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"The Damnation Plague"
A plague has attacked the Savage Land, bringing delirium to those stricken. Scientists seek Kevin Plunder, as a blood relative to the Plunder name seeks to share the fortune hidden there. Ka-Zar has no time for this, as he seeks a cure to his people's illness. 16 pages.

"Walk the Savage Land"
Editorial by Roy Thomas, 1 page.

"The Sword and the Road: The Sage of Brak the Barbarian"
An introduction to John Jakes' creation, 5 pages.

"Fangs of the Black Orchid!"
Reprinted from Jann of the Jungle (Atlas) #16.
Jann of the Jungle tries to keep her photographer friend Pat from danger, but he insists on trying to shoot the rare and dangerous black orchid. Poachers want in on the action, and are willing to kill for the find. 5 pages.

Marok the Merciless is at his wits end. His entire army has been slain in his latest quest, and now he rages after a wizard to find him a replacement. The wizard gives him the teeth of the dragon. When planted, each will become a warrior. Marok takes them by force over the wizard's protests, and Marok soon finds out why. 9 pages.

"The Night of the Looter!"
Reprinted from Savage Tales (Marvel) #1.
Ka-Zar must deal not only with a man intent on looting his hidden cache of Vibranium with the help of the Swamp Men, but also with the man's wife who thinks that she can use her wiles on Ka-Zar, but her scheming costs her to lose her life. 15 pages.


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