Superman Family 214-A

Comic Book by DC, Jan 01 1982
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Superman Family 214-A by DC
Superman Family 214-A by DC


Cover Price:$1.00
Publish Date:JAN 01 1982
Content:CCA Approved



Item Biography

"The Strange Revenge of Lena Luthor"

Lena Thorul has found out who she truly is and now despises those who withheld the information from her. To aid in this endeavor she uses her new telekinetic powers to keep them away from her.

"Mr. and Mrs. Superman; The Horde of the Insect Queen."

Lois Kent tries desperately to help Clark out in his search for the mysterious Insect Queen; all too soon Lois discovers that all clues point to Lana Lang actually being the villain.

"The Private Life of Clark Kent; Clark Kent gives Blood, Superman Saves Lives"

Clark comes up with an idea on how to donate blood, but will still be able to protect as Superman.

"Fear has Four Walls and No Name"

Lois Lane is kidnapped and imprisoned in a lead lined room. In this room she will now have to spend the rest of her life with her kidnapper.

"Caution: Physical Fitness Can Be Hazardous To Your Health"

Jimmy Olsen is in deep trouble, because his snooping has been detected by his quarry. He now finds himself with a 200 pound weight on his chest at the bottom of a pool, with the water rising.

Note: Ultra-Humanite and Lana Lang are Earth-2 characters.


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