Flash (1987) 183-A

Comic Book by DC, Apr 01 2002
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Flash (1987) 183-A by DC
Flash (1987) 183-A by DC


Cover Price:$2.25
Publish Date:APR 01 2002
Sale Date:FEB 27 2002
Content:CCA Approved



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"Crossfire, Prologue: Tricked"

*A new Trickster steals files on the Network from Kenyon's office. Wally West later hears from Jesse, whose company has just lost five million dollars without a trace and wonders if he's paranoid: it seems as if all his allies have disappeared or are being kept busy in some other way. He then encounters the new Trickster at Hunter Zolomon's office - the villain destroys Zolomon's computer files on the Rogues before making good his escape with a number of new tricks never previously in the Trickster's arsenal. He makes his way with the documents from Kenyon to the Network, a criminal underground lead by Blacksmith and her Rogues; Rainbow Raider is causing trouble and is killed for it by Blacksmith. At police headquarters, Chyre realizes that Morillo is not, in fact, Morillo. It is Plunder (Morillo's mirror universe double), and with Mirror Master's help, Chyre is trapped in a reflective surface and will soon be heading for a grave alongside his partner.

Later at the Garrick residence, Jay and Joan reveal that they're leaving Keystone for a short while, because Joan has acute leukemia and without treatment she'll soon die. *Source: dcuguide.com


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