2000 A.D. (UK) 13-A

Comic Book by Rebellion, May 01 1977
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2000 A.D. (UK) 13-A by Rebellion
2000 A.D. (UK) 13-A by Rebellion


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Publish Date:MAY 01 1977



Item Biography

Invasion - The Doomsdale Scenario: Episode 1.
From his exile in Canada, Britain’s King Charles III sends a televised message on a forbidden frequency that a blow will soon be struck against the Volgan invaders in Britain. Bill Savage, Peter Silk and Brigadier Bentley Pearson rendezvous at a secret drop zone to receive a message being flown in across the Atlantic on a Tornado jet. Canadian forces are going to mount an airborne commando raid on the Doomsdale Nuclear Research Station but Bill Savage has a bad feeling that things are going to go horribly wrong…

Flesh - Flesh Book I. Episode 13.
Giant spiders have broken into the trans-time base from underground and attack the flesh rangers as they sleep in their bunkroom. Earl Reagan takes command and drives the spiders back as the bunkroom is cleared of survivors but gets locked in alone by Claw Carver to face certain death. Carver and Joe Brontowski find the spiders entry point and blast it with anti-matter launches and seal it with plasticrete to eliminate any further threat. Meanwhile, Earl Reagan takes advantage of the fact that the spiders are blind and only react to sound and is able to sneak out of the bunkroom. The spiders have been dealt with and the surrounding flesh eaters are being kept at bay…for the moment…

Harlem Heroes - Harlem Heroes: Episode 13.
It’s the second round of the World Aeroball Championship and the Harlem Heroes are up against the hard hitting Flying Scotsmen. Due to a clash before the match between Slim and the opposition squad leader, Red MacArdle, the Scotsmen come out to teach the Heroes a lesson in Aeroball. The Heroes don’t seem to have any answer for the tough as nails Scotsmen and appears they’ll get knocked out of the championship before they know what’s hit them.

Dan Dare - Hollow World: Part 2.
Mekon plans to attack trade ships with the Skash warriors that serve the Two of Verath to cripple the Federation. Dan Dare has accepted the position of navigator on the merchant ship Titan 1C and is introduced to Captain O’Grady by his new friend Rok. Dare makes his first star jump but the star drive goes out of control and relativity begins tearing the ship apart which can only be bad for those not in the protected command area.

M.A.C.H.1 - Airship (single episode).
While on it’s maiden voyage, the new generation nuclear airship “The Morse X4” is taken over by “The Black January Liberation Movement” terrorist group. They intend to destabilise the reactor and have the airship blow up over New York City. Fortunately, John Probe is aboard as bodyguard to UN Peacemaker Doctor Klinger and jumps into action, neutralising the terrorist troops and ‘blending’ their leader Marcos in the airships propeller.

Judge Dredd - Robot Wars: Part 4.
Judge Dredd plans a mission to enter the robot factory where Call-Me-Kenneth is directing his war against the fleshy humans. Dredd employs the help of the still loyal Walter the Wobot to guide him into the robot stronghold. Unfortunately, they are both captured as they enter the factory and are brought before Call-Me Kenneth who has plans to turn Dredd into a living robot…


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