Fantastic Comics (1939) 1-A

Comic Book by Fox, Dec 01 1939
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Fantastic Comics (1939) 1-A by Fox
Fantastic Comics (1939) 1-A by Fox


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Publish Date:DEC 01 1939



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"The Coming of Samson"
In Europe, a military force begins a trail of conquest, led by the mad Thorga, and, in response, out of the mists of history comes Samson. Singlehandedly, he crushes the forces of the dictator and restores peace. 13 pages.

"In the Land of Nod", featuring Buzzy.
2 pages.

"The Arrival of Stardust"
It has been made known that Stardust, the super-powered scourge of criminals, will arrive on Earth. The media have spread the news, and while the criminals of the world quake, they plot his downfall. 6 pages.

"Origin of the Golden Knight"
Sir Richard of Warwick is known as the Golden Knight for his renown fighting prowess. A vision appears to him, appealing to him to join the Crusade. There, he encounters sorcery and treachery, but nothing can stand before his sword. 8 pages.

"Captured by Skomah"
Space Smith and his girlfriend Dianna run a patrol to the moon when they are attacked by Imp Men from Mars. they are captured and brought to Mars to face Skomah, who plans to mutate Dianna for his Queen, and to subjugate Earth. Space and Dianna narrowly escape. 6 pages.

"The Planet of Death"
2 pages, text with spot illustrations.

"The U.S.A. is Invaded!!" featuring 'Yank' Wilson, Super Spy Q-4.
Yank has been designated Stratosphere Commander by the USA, who is under siege by the Eskimongolians from the Arctic Circle. His decisive victories in the air soon have the enemy in full retreat. 6 pages.

No Title Given featuring Captain Kidd.
While patrolling the skies over the jungles near his base, Captain Kidd discovers a secret base of Von Haupt, a scientist who has many startling discoveries, including eternal life. 5 pages.

No Title Given
Professor Fiend gets no respect for his work, so flies to Mars, where he finds that kids have revolted against the grown-ups. 4 pages.

No Title Given featuring Flick Falcon in the Fourth Dimension.
Flick invents a portal to the fourth dimension and jumps through it. He ends up on Mars and discovers an advanced race with plans to subjugate the Earth. He narrowly escapes. 6 pages.

"At the Bottom of the Sea" featuring Sub Saunders.
In the year 10,000, Sub Saunders is commander of a sub seeking the location of Atlantis. They find it, and are captured, brought before Queen Lantida. They learn that her rule is in danger from those who would steal her throne. 4 pages.


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