What If? 38-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Apr 01 1983
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What If? 38-A by Marvel
What If? 38-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$1.00
Publish Date:APR 01 1983
Content:CCA Approved


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Vision & Scarlet Witch in "The Leaving"

In the near future the name, "Avengers" has endured through a second generation of heroes. As evergreen, is the passion between the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Which would seem as immortal as the ageless Asgardian, Thor.

Except time has taken its toll and Wanda is slowly dying. Thor, in his mortal guise as Donald Blake does what he can to ease her suffering, but the Vision has to come to terms with the fact that his wife and he will soon be parted. An unexpected team member gives up their life to bestow an opportune miracle.

Captain America in "What If Sharon Carter Had Not Died?"

Still augmented by Super-Soldier Serum, Steve Rogers continues to wield his shield in the name of justice and liberty. Though married to his long-time love, Sharon Carter, and the father of two sons, Cap has no intention of retiring just yet.

Another obstinate old soul who won't go quietly is Cap's nemesis, the Red Skull. The embittered Nazi has one more torment in store that involves the families of both men.

Daredevil in "Daredevil: 2013!"

In his mid-fifties, Matt Murdock has found it hard to hang up the old crimson tights. Still mourning the loss of his wife when he once more encounters an old flame, the Black Widow; now Russia's President.

Madame Natasha is chairing an Anti-Terrorism conference at the United Nations Assembly when another mutual acquaintance rears his infamous bald head.


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