Big Girl Adventures 1-A

Comic Book by AC, Jan 01 2002
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Big Girl Adventures 1-A by AC
Big Girl Adventures 1-A by AC


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Publish Date:JAN 01 2002



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Item Biography

Phantom Lady story is reprinted from Phantom Lady (1947) #14

Cave Girl story is reprinted from A-1 Comics #96 (Also known as Cave Girl #12)

Sky Girl story is reprinted from Jumbo Comics (1938) #111

Kaanga story is reprinted from Jumbo Comics (1938) #149

Torchy story is reprinted from Modern Comics #82

Camilla story is reprinted from Jungle Comics (1940) #100

*AC’s newest Golden Age reprint anthology, featuring adventures of the big-time girls who get the job done!! Leaping in to rescue the “Condemned Venus”, Matt Baker’s sexy superheroine Phantom Lady leads the Big Girl parade. Next, Bill Ward cooks up a comedic kitchen caper for the saucy Torchy. Then, Bob Powell’s classic rendition of Cave Girl, as the pretty primordial learns the secret of “The Devil Boat”!! Matt Baker does a return engagement on the art chores as the leggy Sky Girl gets mixed up with moviemakers in mirthful, madcap mayhem. Kaanga’s savage mate, Ann knives a panther, stampeeds a rhino and slugs a sultan while hardly working up a sweat in a way-out jungle adventure, as drawn by Maurice Whitman. Finally it’s that redoubtable Mr. Baker yet again, as he puts pencil and brush to the exploits of Camilla, the jungle siren as she tangles with white poachers and the mysterious B’Toki tribe. These are not your run-of-the-mill working girls in this title!! These are Big Girl adventures!! Classic reprints from Fiction House, Fox Features, Quality Comics and Magazine Enterprises. *Source:


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