Unyielding Cognition
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Hard Cover by Zenescope Entertainment, Dec 01 2007
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September 30, 2008

Unyielding Cognition

Writing: 4

Artwork: 5

Originality: 4


Dark, intense and disturbing, Zenescope's SE7EN gives the fans of New Line Cinema's modern day classic what they've always wanted; a look into the mind of the mysterious serial killer known as John Doe.

SE7EN is not the usual movie prequel comic book. More than just a prelude to the film, the story is intertwined within it, flashing between unsettling memories from John Doe's childhood and his meticulous preparations before each murder. Fans also get to read entries from his many journals, following his slow descent into madness and witnessing first hand his distorted view on reality.

The series is composed by several writers, each taking on their own “sin” or issue in the story. Even without this taken into consideration the writing is still very consistent, and all are able to preserve the feel of the film. The reader can begin to feel their self proselytized by John Doe. Sadly, the best writing in the whole series is probably the least paid attention to. An extreme about of detail is put into John Doe's notebook narratives with Mike Kalvoda at the reins. These parts of the series are the most interesting, giving us the best insight into the mind of a psychopath.

While the writing is great, what really sells this book is the artwork and overall design. David Seidman's cover art throughout the series is a perfect visual match for the depraved and nightmarish reality of John Doe. The interior art is handled in the same manner as the writing with a new artist taking over each issue, but the consistency is different. On the surface the artwork can occasionally appear low quality, but in reality each artist's own style is purposefully matched with the scene and John Doe's mentality. When the art looks sloppy and less detailed and almost childlike are the times it is most appropriate, while we are experiencing Doe's abusive childhood.

Seidman's art direction in a spot on match for the genre; a dirty and gritty noir with a well worn look perfectly fit to carry the name of its predecessor. Every bit as intelligent as the movie that inspired it, SE7EN is sure grab peoples' attention. If you are a fan of the film your experience will never be complete without reading its counterpart!


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