And they said lightning never strikes twice...
Review for Flash: Rebirth (2009) 1-B

Comic Book by DC, Jun 01 2009
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May 04, 2009

And they said lightning never strikes twice...

It's obvious that whoever coined that particular phrase isn't familiar with the incredible team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver on this comic (which is the SAME creative team on the mega-hit "Green Lantern: Rebirth".

Barry Allen returned to the DCU after a 20+ year hiatus in the pages of Infinite Crisis #2 a few months bag, with a little more than a fizzle. Running here and there for a few issues, DC FINALLY gives readers a good heaping helping of hyperspeed in this first issue.

For a book revolving around the FASTEST MAN ALIVE, this book is about MOMENTS. First of all, the art by Van Sciver, is, as always, fantastic. The color is vibrant, and Flash really jumps off the page. Geoff spins a good yarn so far, that's similar to GL:RE, but can hold it's own. We find a Barry Allen that wants to embrace his life and every second of it...which a speedster is MORE than capable of. It's also weird to see Barry walk through a museum and looking at the good that WALLY has done for a change. But is sure is good to see Hal and Barry walking side by side again after so long.

The lows? Well, not many just yet. There are a few plot points that could go either way at the moment. I'm not particularly fond of Kid Flash (aka Bart Allen) 's attitude at the moment. It's like the character took a BIG leap backward in development. Also, why would Barry find the 21st century so...different? Didn't he live several centuries in the future before 'dying' in Crisis all those years ago? Also, a $3.99 cover price and a 1:25 variant? Eh...well, ok.

Another may just be my opinion, but I personally thought MARK WAID was THE quintessential FLASH writer for SO long. I hope DC doesn't throw away the mythology set by he and other writers over the years...including Geoff's himself...which he is known to do every now and then, ever the writer of reinvention.

DC had a sure fire hit on their hands with this title. I recommend reading this book, as well as the following books to get back into the race if you've missed out on Barry's life thus far:

- Flash #350 (Final issue of original series)

- Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 (Barry's 'death')

- 'The Life Story of the Flash' HC/SC by Mark Waid (Barry's life in detail)

- Final Crisis #2 (Barry's Return)

- Final Crisis: Rogue's Revenge #1-3 (The classic Flash villians prepare for Barry's return.)


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